Catherine Kaine is an American actor and producer in Los Angeles.   She is a performer, director, and producer of LaughtivismLA, a touring variety show of socially-conscious-comedy, as well as the Director of Diversity Outreach and co-founder of the Diversity Extravaganza shows at iO West.  Kaine performs sketch and improv shows at theaters such as iO West, The Clubhouse, Impro Theatre, and Rogue Improv.  Her work has been featured at multiple film festivals.  She recently finished filming her first lead role in a pilot and feature in February and March 2016. 

Previously, she founded, produced and hosted a live-streaming improv show called Hi Mom! Improv at Absolute Live Studios and co-produced We Call Her Yolanda, a documentary about Typhoon Yolanda directed by Anthony Bari.  Her comedic short film, Double Date was accepted into the LAAPFF last year.

Kaine was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley as an only child. She grew up in a rough neighborhood, where performance, activism and art were her most cherished forms of escape. She worked her way up to VP of business development at an advertisement company before she left this position in 2014 to pursue acting and activism full-time in Los Angeles.

Catherine discovered her passion for storytelling through her imaginary siblings and her family who immigrated to the USA, "Life of Pi" style.