My Temporary Break-Up with Social Media

I remember feeling like an addict that was constantly either absorbing usless information or expelling it. A few months ago, I stopped using social media for 82 days. I found myself having an extremely easy time with this change. It was surprising, I just didn't care. There was something really cool about going against the grain. It was more fulfilling to have a voice and share who I am to the world without all the extra noise. There was no need to portray a special image of myself, there was no urge to look through pages I didn't need to see. Most importantly, there was less time-wasted. I felt more genuine and independent. My views were more realistic and focused, too. What made the change easy was the fact that, nothing really changed except I spent a lot more time doing things I loved, being who I fundamentally am, and physically discovering new things. I was spending time with people, fully present. The ones I wanted to keep in touch with, I did (ring-ring!). I wasn't tempted with empty, emotions or "friendships". I also didn't need validation or distractions to feel relevant. 

I'm not saying everyone who uses social media needs those things.

On the flip side, social media is great in many ways. They make it easy to engage in powerful discussions, self promote, connect and stumble on new things. I've had countless laughs reading something I probably wouldn't have found otherwise. Unfortunately, they are also easily misused, and can create unhealthy relationships with ourselves. So next time someone says they may disconnect from it for a while, try to be encouraging! There is nothing wrong with experimenting with this sort of thing. Maybe try it out for yourself and see what changes (if any) you notice.